Reconstructive Surgery in Hyderabad

Breast Reduction

  • Breasts play a very sensual role in a woman’s body apart from being a secondary sexual organ.
  • Women with excessively large breasts suffer from chronic pain in back, neck and/or shoulder areas.
  • Large breasts may also lead to restriction in certain physical activities and most importantly may affect one’s self image and body esteem
  • Such women get immensely benefited from reduction mammoplasty
  • Breast reduction is performed for both medical and aesthetic indications. 

Breast Augmentation

  • Augmentative mammoplasty is an aesthetic surgery offered to those who desire to increase their breast size.
  • It is done to help increase the size of naturally small breasts, to help restore the previous morphology after pregnancy and weight loss and also to correct any obvious asymmetry between the breasts.
  • Augmentation is achieved by placing breast implants under the mammary tissue or the muscles of chest.
  • Breast implants don’t prevent your breasts from sagging .you might need breast lift to correct the sagging.
  • Breast augmentation can not only change the size of breasts but also the shape can be modified.
  • Talk to your surgeon if you are considering breast augmentation about the surgery ,the risks involved and follow up.

Reconstructive Surgery

  • Reconstructive surgery is done to correct  abnormalities caused due to trauma, infections, birth defects, disease or aging.
  • Its done to create a more normal appearance
  • Reconstructive surgery is done in people with birth defects or deformities cause due to infection, diseases, trauma or aging.
  • You may require multiple procedures done in several stages.
  • Depending on type of surgery you are undergoing and your overall health, risks associated include infection, anesthesia complication, bleeding, delayed wound healing.